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“If Our Boat Begins to Sink”
Release Date: January 2014
If Our Boat Begins to Sink - Cover

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Ozark Pappy

Ozark Pappy started late at night in a cold room many years ago. Life was happening before my eyes and I had no choice but to write about what was happening. Entire notebooks were filled and at the time I wasn’t writing for anything in particular. These were just songs used to help me process my surroundings.

A few years went by and more songs were added to my growing list. Terrible recordings of the songs began compiling on my computer and with the gentle nudge of people who loved me… a dream was born. That dream was to eventually do something with my music.

One night in November of 2012, a night filled with insomnia, I began to write all that I wanted to accomplish the following year. I wrote down 3 different categories of goals : House goals, General Life goals and Music goals. House goals were different repairs I wanted to complete during the year (of which I think I crossed one off the list), General life goals were simple things like create good habits and travel and at the top of Music goals was to record an album.

I began enlisting my friends to help with the process and started going through old notebooks filled with malleable material. We began retooling and reworking certain arrangements, adding and subtracting parts and settled on what you hear today, on our first album, “If Our Boat Begins to Sink.”

The music has a unique edge to it. Each song differs from the others but are all tied together in the experiences talked about and the passion captured when friends make music together. Thanks for listening.

-Jon Cain.


  • Email:ozarkpappymusic@gmail.com